On my podcast, I get to talk to some of the greatest Constant Lifers, investors, peak performers, and thought leaders. I do this to extract the tools, tactics, and routines you can use to help you live your best life!

We talk about:

Lifestyle Design – This is creating a life where your work revolves around your preferred lifestyle vs. your lifestyle revolving around your work. You will learn to create the life you want by controlling your cash flow, time, and freedom. I really believe when you have these 3 key elements, your life will improve dramatically. I’ve successfully done it and I want to show you how.

Choosing Freedom – We share best practices on how to leverage your job, business, investing, group economics, and passive income to help create your freedom.

Freedom and what it means can be different for you than me. For me, it meant having financial freedom to live how I wanted and where I wanted. I wanted to travel around the world and create the most memorable lifelong experiences.

Ultimately, it’s about self awareness, getting to your truth, and living it freely. It’s not easy and many people struggle here. I want to help.

Thought Construction – Most outcomes of our life are based on decisions we’ve made. Those decisions start from how we think. When we think better, we become better. You’ll benefit from my search of improvement by listening to me deconstruct the thought processes of people who have what you want.

My Story

I’m an entrepreneur and have an awesome little family. We’ve been traveling around the world non stop since January 2017. We’ve made a point this year to live out our dreams!

But the story surely didn’t start there.

I’ve been in jobs I’ve hated. I’ve been depressed. I’ve been way over my head in debt. I’ve felt stuck in a bad situation. I know how it feels to be down on your luck.

But I got through it and I freed myself to a point where I want to help others. Why? I love seeing people who are not where they want to be transition to being who they are excited to be.

Before I get into to much, I’ve included this video I did on the “The Dr Boyce Watkins Show”so you can get to know me more.


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Launch Date: 11-20-17
I was a successful salesperson for a major financial firm. I became a top performer and things were very promising.

Then unexpectedly, my salary was abruptly changed. I was making way less… but my bills stayed the same!

To top it off, I’d been relocated and my new manager wasn’t my biggest fan (to say the least). The promotion I was seeking was clearly not going to happen. Things weren’t looking good at all.

My performance declined and I was eventually threatened to be fired. Did I mention this was all happening during the worst recession of our time?

I had daily visions of losing my job and becoming homeless. I was embarrassed. My life just felt so depressing.

But something in me still wanted more than this. I think when our backs are against the wall, we have to start to get creative.

I’d done some traveling before and remembered that in most other countries, cell phone service was not contract based like in the U.S. I predicted that this trend had to be the wave of the future in the states.

I found a small company that was beginning to penetrate the no contract U.S. market. I reached out and to my surprise, they gave me a contract to sell their services without me having money or a store. I was thrilled!

I started selling the service to people after work in random parking lots. I had some small successes and it was enough to motivate me to pursue the idea of opening a store.

The problem was…I didn’t have much money. You’ve heard of shoe string budgets? Well, I probably could have only afforded to put the threads of the shoe string on lay-away.

Thankfully, my uncle was willing lease a small portion of his storefront to me for just $300 a month. That was the shot I needed! I believe the universe conspires to help us.

Now I didn’t know anything about cellphones, the business, or what it really took to be an entrepreneur. I’d ask myself, “What if I lost all the little money I had? What if I failed? How was I even going to really do this?” Basically I was scared to start.

I eventually mustered up enough courage to start scared. I was in business! To my amazement, I actually started getting customers! I mean, I had real customers coming to bring me real money! Within months, my store became a huge success. So much so, I leveraged my success to partner with Cricket Wireless to open several franchises.

Within less than 3 years of opening my first store, I had several more stores up and running. They were all doing well and I was reaching nearly all of my goals. But I still didn’t feel free.

I started to lose the fire I once had for the business. I still loved being an entrepreneur but I did not enjoy being tied to one geographic location.

I also wanted to do something more aligned with my purpose, something more exciting with my life, and most of all…..SOMETHING I LOVED! Interestingly, my wife was feeling similarly about her career.

We wanted to follow our lifelong dreams of traveling the world and enjoying life to the fullest. I also wanted to follow my passion of helping others people live more fulfilling lives.

After much debate, we decided to just do it! The one life we have is worth living. We set out to travel through Asia, Europe, & South America for a year.

We sold the business, the cars, leased our home, and put a few things in storage.

Along this journey we’ve figured out how to make this lifestyle financially sustainable and we’ve had so much fun doing it. So we’ve asked ourselves – why stop now? We’ve decided to make this our way of life. We’re now living in Medellin, Colombia and we love it!

I’ve learned a ton along the way and I’ve decided start a podcast called “Constant Living”. I plan on using this show to teach you many of the things I’ve picked up.

I now know that choosing to design a lifestyle you want takes deliberate thought and execution. You have to strategize. You’ll learn a lot by listening to me deconstruct the thought processes of people who have done it best.

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